TRUE PROVISIONS was founded on simplicity, by Jeremy R. Stradford, to inspire a lifestyle of wellness and engage communities through food and wellness . Conditions commonly known as cancer, diabetes and hypertension are more prevalent and food is increasingly tainted with an array of preservatives & additives. In these conditions, it is no wonder that our bodies are out of divine order. Our solution is to provide better options for you and your family.

Quality, is the  focus at True Provisions. We aim to produce quality goods, services and a superior Cold pressed Juice.  Utilizing a cold press method reduces air and heat exposure, increasing the amount of enzyme and essential nutrient retention not found in other methods of juice extraction.

In the summer of 2000, the founders uncle, Kenneth Stradford lost a battle to Melanoma Skin Cancer. In the subsequent stages of his diagnoses, physicians began to implement a Goats Milk and Juicing regime with hopes of improving his condition. Perhaps if these practices were implemented early enough, the metastasizing cells could have been reduced possibly prolonging and improving quality of life.

The True Provisions brand  is dedicated in loving memory to Kenneth L. Stradford, In hopes to address and prevent the expression of "dis-ease" through preventative care methods with keen focus on individualistic consumption patterns and lifestyle choices.